2 Ways to Create a Static Home Page in Blogger

Method 1: Using Custom redirect:-

Step 1: Go to blogger dashboard >> Pages >> New Page
Add the title as home and put anything inside body that you want to show and click on Publish

Step:2 : Go To Settings >> Search Preferences and click on  Edit of Custom Redirects under Errors and redirections

Insert slash ("/") in From textbox and  "/p/home.html" in To textbox and Check both check boxes as shown in the image.

Click Button Save Changes . You are done with creating a static home page

Method 2:  Using  Add a gadget link in Blogger layout:-


Step 1: Go to Dashboard >> Theme >> Edit Html and click anywhere inside the code area and search title='Blog Posts' as shown in below image so that you can paste the above code same as highlighted below.

Click button  Save Theme

Step 2: Now go Layout >> and navigate the layout section so that you can see Add a gadget option link as shown below

Now  click + sign in the HTML/JavaScript widget.

Now add anything inside the text box that you want to show in home page.

You are done with static home page.

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