Install SSL Certificate on Blogger Custom Domain 3 Steps

This tutorial is for those who have already added a custom domain to their blogger website and now want to move on SSL.

HTTPS for custom domains is now available on blogger. 
By default it is disable and you need to enable it.

Follow the below 3 simple steps to install the SSL Certificate:

STEP 1:  Login to blogger account and visit the following URL :
You are visiting blogger account using blogger's draft  URL so that you can enable SSL for custome domain

STEP 2: Click on Settings  > Basics and  select Yes from the drop down under HTTPS Availability
This options are on the bottom on blogger's sidebar.
Turning on HTTPS Availability will allow visitors to view your blog over an encrypted connection

STEP 3: Now refresh the page and select Yes from the drop down under HTTPS Redirect

Wait for max 5 minutes to take the settings in effect.

Now you website is on HTTPS

Free Certificate is provided by Internet Security Research Group (ISRG)

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