Find out the new experimental project Browser + Razor = Blazor!

The arrival of WebAssembly creates the possibility of building client-side web applications using languages and runtimes that are more typically used for native app development.

Running .NET in the browser is made possible by a relatively new standardized web technology called WebAssembly  (abbreviated Wasm). WebAssembly is a "portable, size- and load-time-efficient format suitable for compilation to the web." Code compiled to WebAssembly can run in any browser at native speeds. To run .NET binaries in a web browser we use a .NET runtime (specifically Mono) that has been compiled to WebAssembly.

On February 6, 2018 Daniel Roth (Microsoft Employee) has announced a Experimental project Blazor a single page web app framework built on .NET that runs in the browser via WebAssembly.

Blazor promises to greatly simplify the task of building fast and beautiful single-page applications that run in any browser.

Blazor is based on existing web technologies like HTML and CSS, but you use C# and Razor syntax instead of JavaScript to build composable web UI.

Blazor will have all the features of a modern web framework including:

  • A component model for building composable UI
  • Routing
  • Layouts
  • Forms and validation
  • Dependency injection
  • JavaScript interop
  • Live reloading in the browser during development
  • Server-side rendering
  • Full .NET debugging both in browsers and in the IDE
  • Rich IntelliSense and tooling
  • Ability to run on older (non-WebAssembly) browsers via asm.js
  • Publishing and app size trimming

Using .NET for browser apps have many advantages :
Web development has improved in many ways over the years but building modern web applications still poses challenges. Using .NET in the browser offers many advantages that can help make web development easier and more productive:

Stable and consistent: .NET offers standard APIs, tools, and build infrastructure across all .NET platforms that are stable, feature rich, and easy to use.
Modern innovative languages: .NET languages like C# and F# make programming a joy and keep getting better with innovative new language features.
Industry leading tools: The Visual Studio product family provides a great .NET development experience on Windows, Linux, and macOS.
Fast and scalable: .NET has a long history of performance, reliability, and security for web development on the server. Using .NET as a full-stack solution makes it easier to build fast, reliable and secure applications.

The name Blazor is a combination of Browser + Razor. 
It is also the name of a swanky jacket worn by hipsters that have excellent taste in fashion, style, and programming languages.

Prototype demo for the ASP.NET Community Standup.
You can also try out a simple live Blazor app running as a static site.

You can read all the FAQs of Blazor at

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